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Mar 01 2014

Another Granger Remodel!

1511067 10151961149659226 768937457 nA Historic Fairhope Ave Remodel

Remodel 655 Fairhope Avenue. Original structure was a historic Fairhope two bedroom one bath cottage built in 1920. The building was a stucco over wood frame house erected over a crawl space. All plumbing, most electrical was original. The cottage had been fitted for HVAC at some point. Heart pine floors throughout.

Granger Construction worked diligently with the buyers, both schooled in interior design, to create a spacious airy country cottage near downtown with updated luxury amenities, while maintaining the historic integrity of the cottage. The plan was to flip the home after renovations. The scope of the project was two fold: 1) gut the original house down to studs, and redesign the floor plan and 2) build an addition to expand living space.

Work on both areas began simultaneously.

Initial phase of work was to demolish a rear porch to make way for the addition. This also involved creating new load bearing supports with 24' Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams as we eliminated some interior support walls, and expanded the exterior wall northward. While this work was being done, another crew demolished the old plaster/lathe wall covering throughout entire house. Part of the heart pine floor in kitchen and dining area was pulled up as we would come back and tile these areas. The salvaged pine would be cleaned and used for cabinets. Original heart pine trim would be saved and reused as possible any new trim would. Exposing the walls revealed some termite damage and we had to rebuild a couple sections of wall.

During demolition, our plumbing crew came in to replumb the house. Old cast iron and copper plumbing was replaced with PVC and pex. Delta fixtures were used throughout. Electricians rewired older sections, and prepared the new addition. Juno recessed can lighting was installed throughour the house. Sub floors in old bath were demolished, and we worked to create a new master bath in what was a tiny bedroom in northeast corner of the house tying all plumbing together. After new sub floors and durarock were installed, 18" Spanish tile was laid. Exterior walls were insulated and sheet rock installed. Both baths were newly created, showcasing custom tile showers with bench seats, unique storage areas, and custom cabinetry.

The new addition added about 600 SF to the house, simply carrying the existing roofline straight to the rear of the house. Most of the addition was dedicated to a spacious master bedroom highlighted with ample vinyl clad windows and wood floors , while a washer/dryer closet and small office nook became natural extensions of the kitchen.

Custom crafted from maple veneer plywood in our mill works, the cabinets were to be the focal point in the kitchen. The counter tops, cabinet doors, and drawers were meticulously detailed from the salvaged heart pine from the demolition stage. Grain and color were matched for symmetry. European hinges for the cabinet doors provided a minimalist modern look while maintaining the coziness of the rustic pine. A large pantry with a unique reach through was built in behind the range/microwave area. Floors were reinforced, lined with Durarock and then large Spanish tile. Modern recessed lighting was installed throughout.

The buyer's plan was to flip the house. They reached a deal to sell before we had finished our work.