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Dec 30 2015

Best Remodeling Deals Happen When?

calenderAccording to national and regional contractor surveys, the months following Christmas and New Years, offer the best opportunity for home owners to remodel.

“Most remodeling contractors hit a slump in January, as people regroup from the holidays”, says Remodeling Today's, Grant Youngblood. “This provides unique opportunities for homeowners to realize discounts on home improvement.”

Local remodeler, Dan Granger agrees, “ The lull after the holidays, and the unpredictable weather provide a perfect storm for the consumer. Indoor work gives us a certain latitude we can pass on to the consumer.”

Material prices generally will remain constant throughout the holidays, so don't expect reductions there, although labor can be found at a discount. But plan your project, and don't let it become open ended.

“No one wants a contractor hanging out,” says Youngblood, “ as that inherently means more money.”

Winter projects in the south need not be limited to the interior, even with inclement weather. Re siding your home, building an addition, or adding an out building are great projects to commence during Alabama's winter.

“You certainly can brighten up your home, and do it for less in January and February”, suggests Youngblood.