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Landscaping Tips

landscapingRemember not to plant your shrubs or bushes too close to your house. It is especially important to think about this issue when planning a new addition to your home. Your intentions are to accent that new sunroom/conservatory, enclosed patio, family room, etc. with landscaping, but talk to your contractor first.
He/she will be able to tell you the type of material that will be used to build your addition. They will most likely recommend a reasonable distance plantings should be placed from your addition. You should also discuss the situation with your landscaper or garden specialist.
landscaping3One of the obvious reasons for proper planning of your landscaping is that there is a very good chance that your plantings will grow larger and potentially out grow the area. Another serious problem is the damage that can be caused to your home’s exterior walls. You certainly would not like to endanger that brand new conservatory you just added to your home. Just as you and I need to breathe, so does your home. If your plantings are too close to your exterior walls moisture can begin to get trapped behind your stucco, siding, or other exterior wall material. Mildew/mold or rotten wood could result in expense and nuisance repairs. Another problem could begin to develop with insects such as termites, carpenter ants, etc.
As your trees and plants mature, be sure to trim branches away from the roof and soffit area. Otherwise, your roofing material will end up damaged.